Managing Challenging Behavior 1.0: Do These Things First | Webinar

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Tue, Oct 16 2018
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM



Presenters: Timothy Landrum, PhD
Council for Exceptional Children
Audience: Special Educators
Cost: $49 for members; $119 for non-members
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There are scores of textbooks, websites, and other resources describing theories and interventions for challenging behavior in schools, and sorting through such information can be more overwhelming than helpful. In reality, a few fundamentals probably provide the foundation necessary for successfully managing classroom behavior. Grounded in an antecedent, preventive mindset, this webinar will focus on a proven set of key concepts and specific strategies that are associated with greater engagement of students, and consequently less disruptive, off-task behavior. Concepts include basic behavioral principles (e.g., reinforcement and extinction), and strategies include things like active instruction in the skills and behaviors that allow students to meet basic classroom and social expectations in school, as well as specific strategies like pre-correction and increased opportunities to respond (OTR).