aV1ation study — Nisonger Center, The Ohio State University

The aViation study will test an investigational medicine for ‘high-functioning’ autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The investigational study drug blocks a hormone receptor in the brain that is linked to the control of socialization, stress, anxiety and aggression.

Participation lasts for up to 39 weeks. For 24 of those weeks, participants will take daily doses of either the investigational study drug or a placebo (a look-alike) that contains no medicine. Both the investigational study drug and the placebo are small tablets that can be swallowed whole or dissolved in liquid.

Participants and their parent or guardian will visit a study clinic at OSU in Columbus around once every 6 weeks (about 7 times in total). This will allow the study team to assess their general health, social communication skills and social interaction skills.

Please be reassured that participants would not have to pay for any study-related treatments, lab tests or assessments. Also, reimbursement for travel is available.


297 McCampbell Hall
1581 Dodd Drive
Columbus, OH 43210


Name: Taylor Wong
Title: Research Assistant
Phone: (614) 685-3219
Email: Taylor.Wong@osumc.edu


Parents/Family Members, Professionals, Families with Children/Teens


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