Dahlberg Gibson Learning Center — ADD, a Hattie Larlham Agency

Dahlberg Gibson Learning Center is an intervention program for infants, toddlers and preschool-age children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The school uses early intervention strategies, peer play models and play-based curriculum to foster student learning and growth.

Older, preschool-age children with intellectual and developmental disabilities attend the Dahlberg Gibson Learning Center alongside typically developing children in an integrated classroom. Typically developing children attend the preschool free of charge. They serve as peer play models for the children with disabilities, while they receive the educational services to develop their own self-regulation and problem-solving skills.


3675 Walford Street
Columbus, OH 43224


Name: Laura Skidmore
Email: lskidmore@addohio.org
Website: Click here »


03-13 Years


Education: Preschool Programs (Ages 0-3)