Asperger Experts

Asperger Experts is based out of Seattle, Washington and is a group that enlivens, empowers and educates people with Asperger’s, their families, and the communities in which they live. It is staffed by parents, people with Asperger’s, and professionals dedicated to serving and assisting others through sharing knowledge and building communities.

The core of their work focuses on planning, producing and distributing highly transformational courses, as well as creating and managing online communities for people with Asperger’s and their parents.

Bees, Lorraine

Special Education advocate

Blue Sprig

Blue Sprig is on a mission to change the world for children with autism. They are committed to providing the very best and most compassionate ABA therapy services to the children and families we serve.

There is no waiting list in any of their clinics. To get started, contact them to schedule a tour and complimentary consultation. Blue Sprig accepts most major insurances and their administrative team will verify your ABA benefits and work with you to help you understand them.

Starfish Speech & Language Services

Starfish Speech offers in-home speech and language therapy for both children and adults. Starfish serves the Cleveland, Akron and Medina areas. Currently insurance is not accepted.

Ohio’s Parent Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder — OCALI

A four-step guide for parents who suspect their child may have an autism spectrum disorder. It gives guidance on how to ask for an evaluation, as well as quick tips on what parents can do after receiving the diagnosis.

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