Telehealth Delivery of Treatment of Sleep Disturbances — Cleveland Clinic Children’s

Does your child suffer from sleep problems?

Parents will be randomly assigned to a comprehensive parent training targeting sleep (SPT) or a parent education program families find useful with one session on sleep (SPE).

As part of the study you will be asked to complete questionnaires, document your child’s sleep habits and attend telehealthsessions with an expert in autism. The possible benefits of participation in this study are the improvement of your child’s sleep and bedtime behaviors. The study will be delivered via telehealth so families do not have to travel.

To be eligible to participate:
• Your child must be between 2 and less than 7 years of age
• Your child must have a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder
• Your child must have a significant sleep disturbance

Contact the principal investigator if you are interested.


Name: Cynthia Johnson, PhD, BCBA
Title: Principal Investigator
Phone: (216) 448-6392


Parents/Family Members, 03-06 Years


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