Doug Blecher

Monthly Milestones | January 2019

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Ask the Expert – Doug Blecher: How to Create a Clear Path to Your Goals

It’s a new year which causes so many of us to pause for a moment or two to reflect on what we want in our lives. I’ve been fortunate enough to coach teens and adults with autism as well as family members in achieving goals they have set out for themselves. I wanted to give a few observations of what has been helpful for those that were able to move in a positive direction to reach their goals.

Reduce your anxiety. I often see people afraid to take action on their goals because they are simply just overwhelmed by the process. Sometimes there are sensory processing issues that get in the way. Then there are executive functioning challenges that stop others from taking action. Other times, not knowing the expectations is a big hindrance for moving towards one’s goals. A good starting point in reducing these concerns is identifying someone you know and trust and then having a conversation with that person to develop a plan that may reduce your anxiety. It is also okay to allow yourself to take a break on a project – sometimes anxiety comes from feeling the pressure to execute a plan perfectly and at a pace you may not be comfortable with at the present time.
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