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Monthly Milestones | February 2019

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Helpdesk Q&A – “Are Extended School Year Services Right for My Child?”

Summer can be a challenging time for many families, perhaps more so for families with autism. Significant disruptions to daily routines can be troublesome for children with autism, not to mention how overwhelming it can be for some children with autism to readjust to a new routine once again at the end of the summer. And while there may still be snow on the ground, this is precisely the time of year when you want to begin to plan how your child will spend several months of their summer break. One possible option is Extended School Year (ESY) services.

What is ESY?
A common misconception is that ESY is equivalent to summer school. While these services are most frequently provided over the summer, some children receive ESY services over winter or other prolonged breaks. ESY services are provided under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to children who have an IEP or to those who have a 504 Plan under the Americans with Disabilities Rehabilitation Act of 1973. They are intended to be highly personalized based on a given child’s IEP or 504 goals. Their purpose is to help your child maintain any progress they have made towards their IEP and 504 goals. In other words, ESY services are there to help your child so they do not forget the skills they learned during the prior school year.
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