Marvin Lader

Monthly Milestones | October 2018

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My Milestones – 2018 Benefit Honoree Marvin Lader

2018 Milestones Benefit Honoree, Marvin Lader, has been supporting Milestones ever since the organization’s founding in 2003. The support came after his grandson was diagnosed with autism and his family began seeking help.

“When something touches your family like this, you’re touched by their journey and want to help,” said Lader. “Our grandson was diagnosed early with a great outcome and that is because of knowing where to go. We also have another relative with autism with very different issues.”

With a very personal connection to Milestones mission, the Lader family has dedicated their time, effort and resources to creating opportunities for others facing the life-long challenges of autism.  Marv’s wife, Carol, became a founding board member of Milestones in 2003. Marvin generously shared his experience as a volunteer leader to help Milestones develop new programs and ensure a successful future for the organization.

How did you first become involved with Milestones?
We have a family connection – that is what first got us interested. Our family was researching and looking for help on how to deal with autism. Milestones answered some of the most difficult questions we had when we were looking for help. We are heartened to see how it has grown and embraced elements of the whole spectrum, and become accepted in the community… We are very impressed by the leadership and the community involvement of Milestones. Something like this can really thrive here in Cleveland with sparkplugs like [co-founders] Ilana and Mia.
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